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Listed 1 Consecutive Market Days. On List as of 12/03/2013 Through 09/28/2016, Inc. is an Internet holding company engaged in the business of providing domain-name registry operations and services, operating consumer information portals on the Internet and providing facilities management services for commercial real estate owners. The Company operates through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Internet Properties Development Corp. and Faciliforce, Inc., and its majority-owned subsidiary, Basic Fusion, Inc. The Company also seeks to develop and incubate emerging Internet-based businesses. The Company owns minority interests in .KIDS Domains, Inc. and Minority Business Alliance, LLC. is a development stage company and has not yet begun revenue-producing operations. Registry Solutions and Operations The Company intends to provide distributed-cost registry solutions for operators of country-code top-level and other general top-level domain-name registries. Many registry operators have a need for a registry operations solution that allows them to maintain their databases in an automated fashion, integrate with the network of domain-name registrars and increase scalability as the number of registered domain-names maintained by the registry increases. The Company intends to provide a proprietary software solution that will allow registries of top-level domains (TLDs) to automate their registry databases and increase scalability as their business grows. It is building a system that will be able to service any registry operator and foster advancements within the marketplace. It will also allow TLDs to move to an automated, real-time, standardized system to allow the operators to manage their domain-name registries. The Company has developed a demonstration version of this basic software solution. This includes Registry Registrar Protocol and Extensible Provisioning Protocol technologies. Since the Company has only recently finished its solution prototype, it has not expended significant resources on marketing. also intends to offer outsourced registry services, turnkey registry solutions, payment gateways for registries, enhanced billing systems and multilingual domain-name services. The Company intends to provide its registry operator clients with customer support for its software solution. .KIDS Domains seeks to establish a top-level domain that ensures a child-appropriate experience for children on the Internet. .KIDS Domains seek to be the exclusive registry of top-level domain-names with the .kids top-level domain. The Company holds approximately 17.5% of the outstanding capital stock of .KIDS Domains. Its chairman and its president hold, in the aggregate, approximately 71% of the outstanding capital stock of .KIDS Domains. The Company has entered into a letter of intent with .KIDS Domains to acquire the remainder of the outstanding equity. Through its registrar Website,, registers second-level domain-names in both the general TLDs and the country-code TLDs, enabling individuals, companies and organizations to establish an identity on the Internet. The Company is generating nominal revenues from its registrar Website. Its customers apply to register second-level domain-names directly through its Website. The Company is not an accredited registrar with ICANN. It processes domain-name registrations through, Inc., an accredited wholesale registrar. The Company intends to introduce new products and services, enhance brand awareness, create distribution channels, offer names in additional domains and expand internationally. Consumer Information Portals owns and operates several consumer information portals on the Internet, including, and The Company recently completed the acquisition of the consumer information portal, Its consumer information portals provide a place to gather on the Internet to obtain information and discuss issues in which those users have interest. The Company provides portals where users can congregate in an env

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