BUYINS.NET has one goal: to even the playing field between institutional shorts and shareholders who have purchased bonafide ownership positions in US companies.

For decades Wall Street has been an enabler to nefarious trading activity in US stocks. By allowing short sellers to attack US stocks and sell stock that they do not own, a counterfeit stock printing press has gone unchecked. Even though the NASD and SEC have regulations that govern the legal short selling of stocks, there are countless loopholes that onshore and offshore institutions use to relentlessly attack US companies. This illegal activity is called "naked short selling".

Information is power. And finding out the "who, what, where" of this illegal naked short selling is what BUYINS.NET is doing. For the first time in history, the investing public is able to pull back the drapes on short selling activity and see which stocks are being attacked. But that is just the beginning. Once we find out who is being illegally shorted, we go the next step to find out at what prices these stocks have been shorted, what amounts have been shorted and with enough investigation, who is illegally shorting the stocks.

The devil is in the details. For the first time we will show you every short selling trade done in stocks on our lists. We will calculate the number of shares and the average price at which the stock was shorted. In essence, we will provide bonafide shareholders with the information as to what price the illegal naked short sellers will start losing money. Why is this important? Because if the government is not going to close the loopholes in new guidelines such as "Regulation SHO", then we can try to do it for them.

The best defense is a good offense. Every week we will profile a company that has been on the "naked short list" for at least 13 consecutive trading days. We will then show you the amount of short selling in the stock, the prices at which the stock was shorted and the average price where all the short sales will be out-of-the-money. Visit the TRADE SIGNALS portion of our site to get an in-depth report on the profiled company. BUYINS.NET will then alert institutions, high net worth individuals and sophisticated traders as to the "Special Situation".

There is no punishment more effective than losing money. BUYINS.NET will alert Wall Street and you as to what it takes to attack each of these illegal short sellers. There will be daily updates as to the status of the "failure to deliver" in each company’s stock and monthly updates as to the detailed short trading activity of each company’s stock. Browse our web site, peek behind the drapes and help shareholders take back their companies!