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Access the SqueezeTriggertm price on 15,000 US stocks

Our SqueezeTrigger database of nearly 11,600,000,000 short sale transactions goes back to January 1, 2005 and calculates the exact price at which the Total Short Interest is short in each stock. This data was never before available prior to January 1, 2005 because the Self Regulatory Organizations (primary exchanges) guarded it aggressively. After the SEC passed Regulation SHO, exchanges were forced to allow data processors like Buyins.net to access the data

Database grows by nearly 50 million short sale transactions per month

Each month our database grows by approximately 50,000,000 short sale transactions and provides investors with the knowledge necessary to time when to buy and sell stocks with outstanding short positions.

Up to 80% hit rates on trades using SqueezeTrigger prices

The SqueezeTrigger database collects individual short trade data on over 7,000 NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ stocks and general short trade data on nearly 8,000 OTCBB and PINKSHEET stocks. By tracking the size and price of each month�s short transactions, Buyins.net provides institutions, traders, analysts, journalists and individual investors the exact price point where short sellers start losing money. In our studies, we have achieved up to 80% hit rates on trades that buy stocks once they crossed up above the SqueezeTrigger price provided by Buyins.net.

Only $1 per month per stock to access data

For only $1 per month per stock, Buyins.net unleashes this massive database weapon combating short selling in approximately 15,000 stocks! Start trading today with knowledge that was never before available and gain an instant advantage over the entire stock market!

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Sign up for only $9.95 per month and select up to 10 stocks per month that you wish to discover this extraordinarily accurate SqueezeTrigger data. If you wish to discover the SqueezeTrigger price on more than 10 stocks per month, be our guest. For only $1 per month per stock, you can access up to as many stock symbols as you like.

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