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The CattleSale Company, incorporated in 1968 and reincorporated in 1976, is in the business of providing online auction trading services to producers of beef and dairy cattle through The is a Website that offers a neutral cattle-trading exchange and provides information and cost efficiencies to the cattle industry for each stage of the production cycle. In February 2003, the Company acquired all of the beneficial interests in two limited liability companies owned by its subsidiaries: AEI Environmental, Inc. (AEI), CS Livestock Commissions Co. LLC and CS Auction Production Co. LLC. The Company consequently changed its name from Dynacore Holdings Corporation to The CattleSale Company. In July2004, the Company acquired the assets of CowTek, Inc. CowTek is in involved in ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Memory tag technology and has a distributive database management system for the identification and traceability of individual cattle records. This high-tech production system has been designed to modernize and improve the livestock industry with affordable production tools, which allow each animal to carry its own data in an ISO Memory Tag, creating a distributed database. The production tools, consisting of production management software, utilizes industry ISO read/write hardware technology to communicate data to and from each animal wearing the ISO Memory Tag (data chip) forming the distributed database. This new platform also allows the livestock industry to meet new consumer and export guidelines along with government mandates. The fact that the animal's information remains on the data chip and can be updated by each owner is different from other industry identification systems on the market that rely on read only identification tags with a centralized database system separate from the animal.

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